The value of timeless pieces is that they’re everlasting, they denote divinity; Such is the vitality of rugs, they tie a room together.

For centuries now, rugs are passed down to each generation; hence accentuating its value.

Such are our rugs. Classic hand-knotted rugs with intricate details, colors and patterns that make them stand out and carry a legacy of quintessential epitome.

Our rugs are made by local artisans which we take immense pride upon. For centuries rugs are priced highly considering the time, efforts and ideas being put into creating the masterpiece. And our core belief is, for the amount of efforts, time and painstaking craftsmanship that goes into the process of making hand-knotted rug, everyone must have a classic piece, which is like possessing an art work, in their homes.

Not only are the details pleasing to the eye, each rug is crafted in a manner where its delicacy and quality is retained for it to last for generations.